Our center, boats and personnel have been readapted to this new reality, following the standards of the document that we attach to you and which we believe is very interesting for you to read as both diving centers and divers have to adapt to it. The Manual of prevention and good practices of the Diving Centers vs. COVID-19 (El Manual de prevención y buenas practicas de los Centros de Buceo vs. COVID-19was created at the request of the Ministry of Health and ICTE (Institute for Quality Tourism in Spain), to the diving sector.

A working table of about 30 components was created, where all the associations of diving centers in Spain were, as well as accrediting companies such as PADI, SSI, IDEA, ACUC, FEDAS, ABRE, etc. and the most important international DAN, representing the largest diving and hyperbaric medicine authority in the world. In this work table our center participated from start to finish for the creation of these measures, with which we know them perfectly and thus we will apply them.
Entre otras muchas recomendaciones, tenemos que tratar de: 

- Avoid crowds in closed places.
- Avoid processing documents, courses and physical payments. As much as possible everything online.
- Try to maintain the safety distance, otherwise the use of PPE is mandatory.
-Avoid the use of showers, changing rooms and closed public places, promoting these outdoor activities.
-Special attention with disinfection of diving equipment (especially rental equipment).

With all these data and before giving you the rules that we have created for our particular center, we put you in the background: The town of La Restinga is a very small nucleus, about 300 inhabitants. The only lodging option is in apartments and all are less than 2 minutes walk from the port, which is where we have the boats. The town has 10 diving centers and its economy practically depends on this activity, with which it is normal to see divers with their wetsuits strolling towards the port, having a coffee in any bar in town between their dives or also apartment balconies with diving equipment drying on them.

Having said this, also comment that our diving center has changing rooms, bathrooms, large showers, a private outdoor area for sweetening and drying materials, etc.

Despite having facilities such as those mentioned above and before the new scenario produced by COVID-19, for the safety of the divers who visit us and of our workers, the rules that from now on and until new notice we have established, they are:
-All procedures for checking diving documentation will be done online. When confirming your reservation you have to send us by email your diving accreditation (with one is sufficient and the OWD is totally valid), diving insurance (if you do not have it we can manage it) and Official Medical Certificate *.

These documentations are those required by the Marine Reserve and we must present them if you want to dive. In this way it will not be necessary for you to bring your physical documentation, avoiding the handling of these by several people (instructors, boatmen, reserve guards, etc.) As recommended by Health (all online)

-The use of showers in the diving center is prohibited.

-In order to avoid crowds in the center, during your stay you will only visit the premises the first day. The other days we will be directly at the appointed time in the port where you will have your bottle and weights ready by the boat. You will have to come to the port with your wetsuit up to your waist (2-3 minutes walking from the apartment) and the rest of the equipment (regulator, BCD, fins and mask) in a bag. If you do not have a bag-bag, the center will provide it. Own diving equipment is recommended. If you rent it or take a diving course, the diving center will provide you with properly disinfected equipment, which you will have to take charge of throughout your stay. The sweetening and drying will be carried out on the balconies or bathrooms of the apartments, and these are being enabled for this purpose. So your equipment (be it your own or for rent), will only be handled by its owner or lessor. With this method so simple and comfortable for the diver, ra, we will totally avoid that we have any type of risk inside the premises or equipment is accidentally exchanged.

-Both the premises and the boats will have hydro-alcoholic gel for the use of the divers and indicator signs for their use and a safe distance to maintain at the reception. The ships will have mask demisting liquid, and the use of saliva for this purpose is prohibited.

-All rental equipment will be disinfected only by the staff of the center following the regulations and using authorized virucides.

-The use of own diving equipment or at least a computer is recommended for safety, and a mask and regulator for hygiene before the COVID-19. If a regulator is rented, it will be delivered without a nozzle, both in the second stage and in the emergency regulator. The diver can bring theirs, otherwise the diving center will provide you with new ones at cost, being able to take them after use to use them as their own on another occasion.

-When traveling on the boat and according to regulations, if you cannot maintain the safety distance, masks and gloves will be mandatory. The gloves are the same as the diving gloves, so it is recommended that the diver bring theirs, since in our center it is the only thing that we do not rent.

-Payments will be made through bank transfer and dataphone, avoiding cash as much as possible.

-The diving center will have masks. But it is strongly requested that each diver bring their own and that they are washable and reusable.
Let's think that the whole island is a protected Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve, what you need the least are our plastics!

We hope that this madness ends as soon as possible and we can return to our normality.

Team Buceo la Restinga

* Official medical certificate: mandatory to be able to dive in Spain according to BOE regulations


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