La Restinga Diving Center is an official PADI center no. 24920. All our instructors teach courses from this organization.
PADI is the largest diving organization in the world and performs more certifications annually than among all other organizations together. You can be sure that your dive certification will be recognized and accepted anywhere in the world.

The courses we run every week are:

Open Water Course:

It's an initiation course. It has a theoretical part with exam and a practical part where you are taught a series of exercises that will help you solve hypothetical problems that may arise underwater. The theoretical part is online. You can learn the theory quietly from your home and be tested with your computer directly from PADI. That way you will gain a whole vacation day and when you get to El Hierro the fun part is what's left, the practical test inside the water ! This practices are done in three days. Every day we do two dives with the different exercises. The first two are made in confined waters with a maximum depth of 3mts. The next day we will continue with the two practices left in open water with a maximum depth of 12mts. On the last day we will do the last two dives working especially on the buoyancy, to a maximum depth of 18mts.

To take the face-to-face course we need 1 more day, 4 days in total.

Advance Course:

It's the next step in your diving hobby. This course unlike Open Water has no exam, but it has a theoretical part that you have to learn. During the course there are five dives that cover different aspects of diving. In each dive the instructor will give you a detailed briefing on the dive and will perform a series of demonstrations underwater so you can understand and learn different techniques. In this course there are two compulsory dives, the deep ones (about 30mts) the orientational one, where we will specially perform navigation exercises with underwater compasses (square, triangular circuits, back and forth, etc ...) 

The other courses we do and recommend are:

  • DIVEMASTER COURSE (professional diving guide)

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of them!


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